Floor Refinishing and maintenance

Floor Refinishing and maintenance

Stripping and Waxing

Environmental factors along with heavy foot traffic will attract dirt and dust to embed into the sur-face of your floors and cause buildup over time. This accumulation of grime may not come off with mopping alone. At the Grandmother’s Touch Inc. we offer a complete strip and wax package that will renew the life of your floors and bring back its original shine.


Buffing is a type of floor maintenance sometimes referred to as polishing and residual floor clean-ing. It is generally used between stripping and waxing applications, as it doesn’t generate an ex-cessive shine nor does it last as long as burnishing. The machine that is used runs at a lower rp


A high speed polisher is used on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to bring back the floor’s shine. Bur-nishing is used most often between stripping and waxing applications to renew the floor’s appear-ance.

Warehouse Floors

Power Wash:

If the floor contains a deep stain or a large amount of dirt build-up, power washing the space is a method of cleaning that will certainly renew the finish and eliminate the accumulation of dust.

Power Sweep:

is used to remove dirt, dust and small debris without the use of water or chemicals. This method is effectively used for large areas requiring a thorough clean.
Auto Scrub:
This particular method uses a combination of water, power sweeping, and squigeeing. This ma-chine is used for the deep removal of dirt in areas where regular mo

Power/ Pressure Washing

Gas Stations and Restaurants get dirty very quickly with gasoline, diesel, fuel or oil spills, cooking oils spills, grease, chewing gum stains, dirt, mold, mildew, fungus, spills, stain, spots and other contaminants. All these give your establishment a dirty and unpleasant look and feel. One of the best ways to attract more business is to have the outside and inside of your Gas Stations, Restau-rants clean. No graffiti, no grease and oils spill, no dirty exteriors or interiors.

Floor Care Services

We specialize in floor care for any type of floor, such as carpet, hardwood, concrete, ceramic tile & grout, VCT tile, linoleum, etc. We will come in, do the job efficiently and restore you and to your lifestyle as quickly as possible. We have the most advanced systems on the market, getting max-imum soil removal and maximum spot removal without leaving a sticky residue or over-wetting your carpet. We customize our cleaning solutions to fit with your needs